The Radiant Crusade

Adventure Log
Part 1: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Chapter 1: Hollow’s Last Hope

Our story begins in the nation of Andoran, the birth place of freedom, in a small lumber town called Falcons Hollow. This peaceful town sits south of the Darkmoon vale, a vast forest made mostly of the magical darkwood tree and the source of Falcon Hollow’s industry. Although the forest is populated with bandits, kobold’s, fey and werewolves, Falcon’s Hollow hasnt seen much trouble from the forest. In fact life in Falcon’s Hollow for most of its citizens was hard but rewarding. But now something murderous has come to Falcons Hollow: The Blackscour Plague. Dozen’s die everyday and no cure has been found. The town is now rife with fear and dread. And the captains of industry that run the town care little for their workers, serfs and peasants safety. And so, our story begins….


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