Sul Ksaslos

Magus from another plane


Though he doesn’t know it, Sul was born under another name when he came to life on Golarion, but that name was stolen away from him mere hours after he was born – as was young Sul himself. Whisked away to another plane of existence, Sul was trained from birth to be a powerful sorcerer in his own right by his master, Aeon. For over 100 years Sul mastered his magic prowess, but over time he began questioning his master and wondering what his purpose was beyond his magical tutelage, as he suspected his master was brainwashing him and molding him as an end to his own nefarious purposes. The more insubordinate Sul became, the less happy Aeon became keeping him around, and after a particularly bad round of ridicule, Sul was forced to stay locked away in a tower that kept him mute and stifled his magic abilities. With no other alternative, Sul attempted to force his own magical powers outside of himself in order to use them, and when met with a swirling mist of magics in front of him, he thought he had succeeded. Reaching in and drawing out the essence of the mist, a gleaming ebony sword met him, imbued with magical power well beyond Sul’s understanding. Using his new weapon, Sul broke out of his prison and ran in an attempt to escape his master, but to no avail. Aeon cornered him, and both furious and terrified with his new weapon, banished him from the plane and back to his native one. Lost, confused and considerably weakened from his journey and the sword creation, Sul traveled aimlessly for years, slowly regaining his strength and magics. This was made even more difficult when he realized the true nature of the sword he now wielded: it was not, as he thought, made of pure magic but rather of part of his soul, the part that had always listened obediently to his old master, who craved the recognition and power. Sul found it difficult to resist the allure of his sword’s ego sometimes, and yet without his magic, Sul found himself having to rely on his sword to get by.

Coupled with the removal of the darkness in his soul and being convinced that Aeon was attempting to use him to possible destroy another plane, Sul trained day and night away from prying eyes to regain his strength. When he was able to cast his first spell again, he felt confident enough to begin traveling on his own, and began to seek out a way to travel back to his native plane and finish his master off. Rumors and legends told him of such an artifact that was hiding in the Darkwood, and though they are filled with Werewolves, Fey and Kobolds, Sul has decided that he must find the artifact at whatever the cost….

Sul Ksaslos

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