Volusian De Valois

Tiefling Cleric of Asmodeus


Early Life

From a young age Volusian Alphonse de Valois was born in Cheliax to the wealthy Opera soprano. His mother, Antalia D’Avarice, was a famous Celish Diva and popular courtesan at the Diable Rouge. Even though tieflings are treated as less than human, her talents in body and voice allowed her to rise above her slave upbringing. However such a life can only last so long.

Volusian began his life as a pampered child, wide eyed and protected from the harsh truths of the world. After his mother’s death at the hands of a jealous lover, he was cast into the streets of Ergorian. Volusian was beaten, raped, and robbed more times than he could remember. It was only by infernal providence that he was saved from an early death.

Unable to get out of the way of a speeding carriage Volusian was nearly run down, when the cab was pulled up short. Lictor Resarc Ountor descended from his seat. seeing a spark of his infernal masters in Volusian he took the child from the streets and delivered him into the hands of the Church of Asmodeus. There Volusian found his calling. His natural infernal disposition aided him in calling devils which earned him respect among the clergy. On his sixteenth birthday he was brought to the Order of the Godclaw and brought before Paravicar Lucien De Valois. Lucien being a Half-Devil saw much of himself in Volusian and began his training in earnest.

Volusian’s zeal and faith in Asmodeus grew from then on. He excelled in the Divine Arts and grew to the rank of initiate. For four years he studied and trained until he was finally sent on his Dominance Quest. To find or summon a devil greater than himself and slay it.

Upon leaving the Order of the Godclaw he was contacted by Zarta Dralneen, a master pathfinder ans Celish paracountess. By her he was ordered to join the pathfinder society to aid in furthering Celish goals.

Volusian De Valois

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